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Creating the most beautiful lovedolls for nearly 12 years.

We are an art studio in the U.S.
giving great attention to the details.

We design, mold, and cast custom  dolls.
Each lovedoll is unique, beautiful, and highly functional.
Our new TPE sexdolls are top of the line.
They feature our own upgraded skeletons that have added joints in the neck, back and shoulders for amazing flexibility. They easily stand on their own, and can hold hundreds of poses.
These dolls are our own design and the skeletons are unique to us as well.

A full sized doll with all the right curves

Island Girl

 This TPE lovedoll is amazingly poseable and soft. 
She stands easily and has highly detailed  hands and feet.
 She has "standing feet" at no extra cost.
Call or write for Special pricing.

Spinner (TPE)

This is our lightweight, totally fun to play with...Spinner!
She is 50 lbs. /22.6 kg.
Easily positioned into amazing poses.
Her extra joints allow her to arch her back,
shrug her shoulders, and more.
Call or write for special pricing.

Island Girl Gallery

The Island Girl is 162 cm/5'4" tall. 

Spinner Doll Gallery

"Spinner"...A TPE hottie. She is made for fun.
A full woman in a petite package.
She is 4'4"/135cm... only 50 lbs/22.6 kg !

Her skin tone is a warm caramel color. If you'd like a wig upgrade for $60. Just let us know the color and style you prefer.  Has a removable insert. She also comes with standing feet...n/c